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Glenn G. Boyer

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Lieutenant Colonel Glenn G. Boyer, USAF (ret.) “a Wisconsin native, left his home state for WWII and spent twenty-two years in the U.S. Air Force. He is best known worldwide as the foremost Wyatt Earp researcher and author due to his many publications on the subject, which were enlightened by his lifelong friendship with Wyatt Earp's family.” Glenn G. Boyer retired from the Air Force in 1965 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Lieutenant Colonel Glenn G. Boyer is the author of numerous articles and research pieces as well as: Suppressed Murder of Wyatt Earp; Custer, Terry, and Me; Morgette and the Shadow Bomber; Dorn; Morgette and The Alaskan Bandit; Morgette in the Yukon; Morgette On The Barbary Coast; The Return Of Morgette; and, Winchester Affidavit.

According to the book description of Suppressed Murder of Wyatt Earp, “This book, originally published by the Naylor Company in 1967 was a watershed publication that astounded Western Buffs with the revelation that "not all that was known about Wyatt Earp was already between book covers or had been published in magazine articles." (In succeeding years, further extensive publications by its author have revealed that the opposite was more nearly true.) In any case, this erroneous conviction was so firmly impressed in the public mind that editors at first refused to credit this book's authenticity, particularly since it was allegedly based largely on formerly "closely held" family revelations. Worse yet, family members were cited of whom the public had never heard and were introduced with detailed information of whom they were. For example relatives of Wyatt’s Secret Second Wife, Celia Ann "Mattie" Blaylock. Not even Mattie was more than tentatively established as a real person, so relatives were a little much to toss into the confusing picture. The author had to overcome many misconceptions to find a publisher, which he finally did by submitting item after item of irrefutable documentation in the originals, most of which are cited in the book.”

The MOAA said of Custer, Terry, and Me, “This is a historical novel by a master storyteller. The novel offers a truly different slant which reveals a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the most famous Cavalry and Indian battle in American frontier history.”


One reader of Morgette and the Shadow Bomber said, “G. G. Boyer's Morgette And The Shadow Bomber is the sixth volume of the adventures of Dolf Morgette, a gunfighter and lawman of the Old West. In Morgette And The Shadow Bomber, Morgette must investigate a series of mysterious bombings that mark rising tension between miners and mine owners. Events turn dangerous enough to require an appeal to Morgette's father-in-law, Chief Henry, in this exciting and enthusiastically recommended combination of mystery and western.”


According to the book description of The Return of Morgette, “Written by G G Boyer. Legendary gunfighter and lawman Dolf Morgette is heading back home to Idaho for his son's wedding, but soon he learns he may be attending a funeral instead. Junior Morgette, the Marshall of Pinebluff, has been drygulched and is near death. Dolf needless to say is worried sick about his son and he is eager to get back to home as son as possible, but there are various obstacles in his way, not least a gang of rustlers, gold-stealing thieves and a range full of outlaws.”


According to the book description of Morgette in the Yukon, “Dolf Morgette is determined to head as far west as a man can go - to the wilds of Alaska to join the great gold rush. He's charged with the responsibility of protecting Jack Quillen, the only man alive who can locate the vast goldfields of Lost Sky Pilot Fork.”

Custer, Terry, and Me
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Winchester Affidavit
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Morgette And The Shadow Bomber
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Suppressed Murder of Wyatt Earp
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Morgette and the Alaskan Bandits
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Morgette, Manhunter (A Black horse western)
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The Return of Morgette
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Morgette in the Yukon
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Morgette on the Barbary Coast
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The Guns of Morgette
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According to the book description of Morgette and the Alaskan Bandit, “This work is written by G G Boyer. Dolf Morgette and his wife are on a ship heading for Juneau. On deck, Morgette meets Hubie Smith, a greenhorn ready to make his fortune panning for gold. Hubie's brother Goldie runs the largest saloon in Juneau and his partner is a mysterious, cold-hearted woman named Nilda Carlson. Three hired gunmen then show up in town, determined to get him out of the way - who hired them and why do they want him dead?”


According to the book description of Winchester Affidavit, “In this epic historical novel, Boyer takes us to the panorama of the New Mexico Territory for the story of the Amarillo War. The dispute is named for the vast estate known as the Amarillo Grant. The estate manager, Lord Ransom, must make good his position engaged to the owners daughter. To that end his Segundo leads a group of night riders known as the Whitecaps, who use murder and mayhem to clear the grant of squatters.”


One reader of Dorn said, it “is a wonderful example of why Western genre clichés can work! The author skillfully weaves a witty story featuring a reluctant hero, man-hungry women, and bumbling soldiers. Dorn solves a mystery, chases outlaws, all while evading the women who are hot on his heels. A funny story deserving of a sequel.”

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