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George F. Kalivoda

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Lieutenant Colonel George F. Kalivoda, USAF (ret.) “retired from the United States Air Force as Squadron Commander and Chief of Supply for the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, home of the famed SR-71 Blackbird and U-2 aircraft. He holds numerous decorations from the Department of Defense, Joint Military Services and Department of the Air Force for his leadership capability. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BSBA in Marketing, The University of Nebraska with a MA in Business Management, The Air Force Air Command and Staff College and The National Defense University. He is active in his parish and local communities in various capacities.” Lieutenant Colonel George F. Kalivoda is the author of Back To Basics: Biblical Principles for Leading and Managing in the 21st Century.


According to the book description of Back To Basics: Biblical Principles for Leading and Managing in the 21st Century, “A provocative down-to-earth functional approach for developing high-octane motivating skills to build race-ahead pace-setting organizations religious and non-religious based on Biblical principles. Lt. Colonel Kalivoda demonstrates that effective utilization of position and power is fully realized through dedicated service to those entrusted to us - The Ones Who Get It Done. Keeping leadership and management simple in today’s high pressure stress filled environment are brought into sharp focus. Hence, Back to Basics - The Holy Bible. This fast-paced work zeroes in on the dignity of man; recognizing and treating associates as children of God rather than your people. Reliance on others is paramount. You’re prompted to know yourself first on a journey through the book with the author. Contemporary buzz words as empowerment, entrepreneurship, synergism and servant leadership are shown to be nothing new. Secular thought on the subject is depicted as repackaging of common sense with Scripture references to the fact. This read will interest and influence the novice and seasoned. Use it for His glory and to your best advantage for energizing your effectiveness and realizing your goals.”

BACK TO BASICS-Biblical Principles for Leading and Managing in the 21st Century
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