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Gary L. Benton

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Senior Master Sergeant Gary L. Benton, USAF (ret.), has an Associates Degree in Search and Rescue, Survival Operations, a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health.  He is a “graduate of a number of U.S. Air Force Survival Schools, including Arctic, Water (Sea and Ocean), Basic Mountain (General Survival), and Jungle survival schools, he taught parachuting techniques and survival skills to Air Force aircrew members as a Life Support Instructor for twelve years.”


In 1973, Gary L. Benton, “taught the usage of survival gear, parachuting techniques, and survival procedures to B-52 aircrew members.”  In 1975, he was “responsible for teaching F-111D aircrew members egress and ejection procedures. Sergeant Gary L. Benton developed the first static F-111D egress and ejection procedural trainer in the history of the USAF.”  In 1979, he “was responsible for keeping the Wing's aircraft configured with all required survival gear as well as conducting survival training, including parachuting techniques to aircrew members. Gary worked closely with the local Combat Control Team and other special mission units.”   In 1997, Gary L. Benton retired from the United States Air Force, with over 26 years of service.  Gary L. Benton is the author of Simple Survival: A Family Outdoors Guide.

Simple Survival: A Family Outdoors Guide
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According to the book description of Simple Survival: A Family Outdoors Guide, it is a “How to survive for amateurs and seasoned outdoors experts. You will learn about the requirements for survival in almost any situation. These varied subjects will include: Immediate shelters; Water collection and treatment; Hygiene; Survival kits; Clothing; Calling for help; Signaling for help; How to be rescued; Catching food; Lighting fires; Cooking; Instructing your children; First Aid; What to do with your kids in an emergency; Psychological issues; Shelter; and, it includes many special survival tips at the end of chapters.”

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