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Garnett C. Brown

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Colonel Garnett C. Brown, Jr., USAF (ret.), “spent much of a nearly 30 year career with the U.S. Air Force in the airlift business, forging his love affair with transport aircraft operations. With more than 5500 flying hours in his log, he retired to the bluegrass of Bourbon County, Kentucky, where he plays gentleman farmer and free-lance writer.” Colonel Garnett C. Brown, Jr. is the author of A Death in the Family: Dealing with Grief’s Slow Wisdom and Charlie Brown's Vietnam Journal.


According to the book description of A Death In The Family: Dealing with Grief’s Slow Wisdom, it “is a journal that shows it is possible for a person to go on with life, while suffering the unimaginable loss of someone dear. Originally intended as a catharsis while the author struggled with his own pain, this book illuminates one of mankind’s loneliest struggles — the loss of a spouse — and demonstrates that grieving can have a positive and comforting outcome. Here, the author shares his learning of grief’s lessons in a personal, sometimes painful, revelation reminiscent of C.S. Lewis. This story is a tribute to a lost love, which many readers should find helpful and inspiring.”


According to the book description of Charlie” Brown’s Vietnam Journal: A Tactical Airlift Pilot’s View of the War, it “records the 1970-1971 years of Garnett C. Brown, Jr., or “Charlie Brown,” as his flying cronies called him. During that year, he flew the C-123, a tactical airlifter, a plane that hauled the “beans, bacon, and bullets of war” in all manner of weather, sometimes against ferocious ground fire, often in old—and always unarmed—aircraft. His Vietnam journal is based on 59 combat missions involving over 300 sorties and 350+ hours of flying time. While the book discusses aspects of tactics, the politics of Vietnamization, accident investigations, and hostile action, it is primarily an account of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. It does not question the war nor make moral judgments about U.S. involvement.

A Death in the Family: Dealing With Grief's Slow Wisdom
Jr., Garnett C. Brown  More Info

"Charlie" Brown's Vietnam Journal: A Tactical Airlift Pilot's View of the War
Garnett C Brown  More Info

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