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Frank Tymon

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Lieutenant Colonel Frank Tymon, USAF (ret.) “is an Adjunct Instructor, Webster University, Communication Technology. He also is a seaman, pilot, and system engineer. In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Tymon had military service during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Lieutenant Colonel Frank Tymon is the author of Beyond Aurora -- Dreamship: A Tale of the Blind Witch; Raise Your Child for Success: Marketing Your Child; and, The Tarn of Eternity. Lieutenant Colonel Frank Tyman also published Name Your Child For Success under the pen name of Martha Holsome.

According to the book description of Raise Your Child for Success: Marketing Your Child, “This book will aid the parents in raising their child to succeed in life. The key tool addressed is a lifetime plan, initially developed by the parents and subsequently passed on to the child as greater maturity is attained. A child without a lifetime plan is a ship without a compass, blown astray by every wind, tossed by every wave. The plan initially is very broad, narrowing as the child progresses in life, and always a map that leads to success. The child matures more and more and gradually takes responsibility for the plan, parents becoming helpful advisors and supporters. Although the key tool is the plan, the most important factor is the ongoing participation of both child and parent, preparing, modifying, adjusting the plan so that it is always realistic and feasible. Such joint participation cannot be forced, but must be due to the interest of all concerned. There is no better way to raise your child for success. The plan works best if started while the child is young, but will be useful no matter when started. Success for your child is the goal. Raise Your Child for Success is the book that will lead to that goal.”


According to the book description of Beyond Aurora -- Dreamship: A Tale of the Blind Witch, “Massive, black, ominous, Dreamship couples with the mind of man to form a deadly symbiotic entity, with awesome powers derived from that strange coupling. The technology of tomorrow conflicts with the folklore of yesterday. The program manager has faced over the years the technical and management problems. But there is something he has not faced. Something found only in the High Desert. Something that has declared the Dreamship its own.


In the High Desert sleek aerospace planes clash with the brooding mysteries of an ancient land as test pilots find, co-pilot in the right seat, the blind witch. Hostile, inimical, monitoring, waiting, controlling the destinies of men and machines. Real? Imaginary?


The legends of the Valley, the tales of the blind witch, perhaps reveal the answer. Only this know the men who fly -- they face threats far removed their engineering world. Gruesome nightmares that haunt their dreams at night. Gruesome nightmares that become reality by day. For they are only human, with human weaknesses, emotions -- and superstitions! In every flight they pray for a solution tomorrow. And fearfully wonder, will tomorrow come? Each a pawn as the game moves toward a dark but inevitable conclusion.”

Beyond Aurora -- Dreamship: A Tale of the Blind Witch
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Raise Your Child for Success: Marketing Your Child
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Name Your Child For Success
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