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Floyd A. Peede, Jr.

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Colonel Floyd A. “Speedy” Peede, Jr., USAF (ret.) “enlisted in the Air Force in 1942 and flew 35 missions over Germany as aircraft commander of a B-17. On his 29th mission his aircraft caught fire over Berlin and he managed to recover to Poland with the Russian Air Force and eventually returned to England to finish his 35 missions earning the Distinguished Flying Cross. His career continued though Vietnam, where he flew 57 night missions in an A-26 bomber and earned a Silver Star award.”  Colonel Floyd A. “Speedy” Peede, Jr. is the author of Georgia Boy; Georgia Boy II; and, Fly High/Fly Low.


According to the book description of Georgia Boy, “Born & raised in Georgia, Speedy picked up this nick name when assigned to Strategic Air Command HQ in Omaha, Nebraska, in the early 60's. These are a collection of poems written by Floyd Peede over a period of 60 years. While serving 30 years in the Air Force and 20 plus years as a stock broker in Melbourne, FL.”


According to the book description of Fly High/Fly Low, “For ten years, a U.S. Navy sailor, code-name PYTHON, spies for the Soviets. All U.S. intelligence agencies continually fail at their attempts to discover the identities of PYTHON and his Soviet Controller. Then, a dead body and U.S. classified messages are found in a wrecked car at the bottom of a ravine near Madrid. The messages are traced to a U.S. Navy warship. The Defense Intelligence Agency and The Office of Naval Intelligence fail to uncover PYTHON's identity and activities aboard the warship. Dissatisfied and frustrated over the string of failures to find PYTHON, The Chief of Naval Operations permits ONI to implement a bold and unconventional program for recruiting ONI counterintelligence agents. ONI's Lieutenant Commander Brad Watson recruits a young sailor named Rigney Page to find PYTHON. At first, Rigney Page sees his mission as just one of life's adventures to satisfy self-serving needs. Then, he discovers another side of himself. During his search for PYTHON, he meets several women who teach him about commitment and tolerance and who elevate his sexual senses to higher levels. Rigney's adventure takes him to a Navy Guided Missile Cruiser that is on patrol in the Mediterranean. He renews and old friendship, and he makes some sinister enemies. His search for PYTHON comes to a brutal confrontation in a quiet beach town in southern Italy.”

Fly High/Fly Low
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Georgia Boy II

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