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Ernie Lijoi, Sr.

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Ernie Lijoi Sr. is "a retired detective from the Quincy Police Department, Massachusetts. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and enlisted in the US Air Force, and was honorably discharged in 1964. He later graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a degree in the Science of Law Enforcement. Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr., under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, challenged illicit dealers, killers and illegal operations stretching throughout the New England, The United States and Mexico."  Ernie Lijoi is the author of Meth or Myth, The Cash Mule, Destructive Obsession, The Butcher of Boston, The Tunnel and The Preyers.  He is a co-author of Street Business II.

According to the book description of Meth or Myth, "to the reader's delight, author Lijoi serves up a glimpse into the life and experiences of Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. during his career as a deep cover investigator under the guise of Eddi Pannoni, gun dealer and drug runner in this action adventure thriller. What if you were witness to a murder? How would you handle it? What if you had to run a narcotics operation? Would you? What if you were involved with the behavior of the criminal underworld? What if during all of this you were a Police Officer doing your job? Would you arrest people? Maybe you would play the game with them?


These are the type of questions Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr., the DCI under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, will answer and the situations he will face in this novel based on his life experiences, which has been named Meth or Myth, while he tries to keep his family safe and free of the dreadful undercurrent that springs from a world of illegal and despicable behavior. A work of action adventure romance thriller. One subject is a Mr. Kiefer, a man in trouble. He needs help finding work to support himself and his family. He eventually is so deep in problems that he approaches a close friend and sets up a meeting with a drug dealer, to inquire about work. That meeting introduced him to a world that would change his life forever. Mr. Armando Kiefer worked his way up the Illicit Methamphetamine ladder to the top. He became the major importer of Meth in the United States. After years of distribution he came to know Edie Pannoni, the street name for Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. who became the sword that cut the arm off distribution of Meth in New England. Filled with mystery and suspense, action and adventure, romance and action, the saga is a fictionalized account of true events that occurred in and around New England and Canada in the 1970s and early 1980s."


According to the book description of The Cash Mule, "What if you are placed in a position of being the only person in the room that is not responsible for the rape, death and illness of thousands? What if you had to run, as an owner, a strip club for organized crime leaders? Suppose that you had to negotiate for the organized crime people and deliver large sums of cash in exchange for illicit narcotics. These are the type of questions Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr., will answer and some of the situations he will face and inspired by his experiences which has been named, The Cash Mule , while he tries to keep his family safe and free of the dreadful undercurrent that springs from a world of illegal and despicable behavior. During the operation and under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, a narcotics dealer and gun runner from New York, Ernie Lijoi Sr. uncovers information which coincides with a separate investigation named Operation Horn Dog, which involved a series of rapes. He is introduced to a group of people that create, transport and sell methamphetamine that they import from Canada. He saves the life of a child while gathering intelligence on the childs uncle and his illicit operation connecting him to Columbia. Events continue twisting and turning until the close of the operation where the largest twist is revealed, Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. is Eddie Pannoni, an unbelievable revelation to all of the incarcerated parties. The following story is fictional and does not depict any specific person or place, although some of the stories are based on factual incidents. The names, places and some aspects of this story are total fiction. Some of the events have been telescoped to improve dramatic flow; others are close to how they really happened. There are some stories that have a basis of truth and others that are created in the mind of the writer. The characters in this book are fictionalized versions of individuals who may or may not have a relationship to real persons. No one character is based on any single individual. This book is inspired by the career of Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr., during his career as a DCI agent."

According to the book description of Destructive Obsession, "join Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. in his adventures as a DCI. Follow him through this fictional book, Destructive Obsession as he tries to spend a day of relaxation, fishing for large bass at a local lake. His big catch for the day was a corpse. The body would lead to a larger surprise as he became involved in the case surrounding this mans death. This body would lead Ernie to 14 additional murders, narcotics violations, sex crimes, gambling violations and four attempted murders in this investigation. Connect with his strategy, strength and forthright manner in an effort to find and arrest the killers as he becomes friends with the criminal element in an effort to solve the murder. In doing so, he confronts characters whose interests lie only in the God of cash. Throughout the story Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. moves through the sordid and immoral life style of characters that make up an organized group of men who control the sex, gaming and narcotics distribution in New England. In the end, Detective Lijoi becomes the man being searched for by the bad guys with in their midst. Yet, not suspected of being the man working amongst them that may be a speaking with the police. This situation creates the last death in the book."


According to the book description of The Butcher of Boston, "in reality, the Butcher of Boston existed in the 1980s in Boston and Quincy, a warped person that took joy and sexual satisfaction from stabbing people as he ran along a jogging trail. Detective Ernie Lijoi, Sr. is back in this action adventure thriller, and so is his alter ego, Eddie Pannoni. An assassin has been hired to kill the detective, who, in his persona of Eddie Pannoi, drug dealer extraordinaire transacts narcotic deals with people of the illicit world of drugs, guns and murder, mystery and suspense. Some narcotics dealers are likeable, others that are not. Then, theres a police officer who falls in with the wrong crowd, a man who gives his allegiance to the kingpins of the drug world. This is a action adventure thriller, filled with mystery and suspense, in the Eddie Pannoni thriller series, a fictional glimpse into the real life experiences of Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. who during his career as a DCI agent under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, drug dealer and gun runner encountered numerous investigations from narcotics to murder."

According to the book description of The Tunnel, "Let Eddie Pannoni -- Detective Ernie Lijoi, Sr.'s alter ego undercover cop extraordinaire, introduce you to a mixed bag of characters in this latest thriller. Mexican druglord Ernesto Adelanto, a/k/a The Surgeon wants to place a contract on the life of Detective Lijoi. Then there's Piper and Pigeon, dealers of narcotics and drugs; Cobra, the main connection to narcotics and gun dealers; and Chicken, a hooker who becomes an unwilling victim. Ernie and his team of fellow detectives challenge these illicit dealers, killers and traffickers such as Adelanto of Mexico, Leroy Watkins of Boston and Fraido Lucasie, who is connected to Vietnam, New York and Rhode Island. It's a fight to the finish between the good guys and the bad guys, and the bullets can't tell the difference."


According to the book description of The Preyers, "is Lijoi's latest blockbuster in his best-selling crime thriller series based on his true life service as a deep cover undercover cop using his guise of Eddie Pannoni, drug dealer and gun-runner extraordinaire. Targeted for assassination because of his success in infiltrating the organized crime families, resulting in their arrests and imprisonment, Pannoni (Lijoi) has had enough. Five innocent people are killed as the drug lords from Columbia unleash their killer, seeking revenge. First they murder New England's main narcotics connection. Then they take out his partner. Then it's time to punch Eddie Pannoni's ticket. But Eddie is no novice to the gun game. Eddie (Detective Ernie Lijoi, Sr.) and his partner Detective Jack Wade decide not to wait for the Columbians to send their henchmen, but to go after the drug syndicate with all guns blazing. It's a fight to the finish and the devil takes the hindmost."

According to the book description of Street Business II, "do you love policemen? Youll love Ernie Lijoi. Do you hate policemen? You will hate Eddie Pannoni. The thin blue line that keeps us safe from criminals are the men and women of the police force. They are often wounded or killed to protect us. Their lives are filled with danger. As dangerous as their jobs are, that of an undercover cop is even more hazardous. If discovered, he or she will suffer ferocious torture and certain death, as will their families. It takes an extraordinary person to be an undercover cop, and such a person is Ernie Lijoi, better known to his street people as Eddie Pannoni, drug-dealer and gun-runner extraordinaire. This is his story. Do you enjoy mystery, romance, suspense, thrills and action? Then Ernie Lijoi, Sr.s series starring his alter ego, Eddie Pannoni, is for you. Eddie, the undercover alias for Detective Lijoi, faces horrendous torture and a painful death if his real identity is discovered. He skates on the very edge and the danger is his life blood. Eddie Pannoni, drug dealer and gun runner to the criminals, but Detective Ernie Lijoi, Sr. to his fellow policemen. Although fictionalized, the events in this book are based on real-life events that took place and that involved Detective Ernie Lijoi, Sr. a/k/a Eddie Pannoni."

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