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Don Henry

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Colonel Don Henry, USAF (ret.) “gained a unique perspective as a combat fighter pilot, squadron commander, and psychologist. He has published several short stories about the inner conflict and mortal spirit of people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Don Henry has extensive experience flying supersonic fighter aircraft as well as commanding a first line nuclear tasked squadron. He flew 129 combat missions in F-105s over Laos and North Vietnam. His combat decorations include the Silver Star and three Distinguished Flying Crosses. Don Henry is the author of Thunderchief: What is the Right Stuff and how do fighter pilots get it?


According to the book description of Thunderchief: What is the Right Stuff and how do fighter pilots get it? , “Fighter pilots have the Right Stuff. But what is it and how do they get it? Thunderchief by Don Henry is an extraordinary exploration of what the Right Stuff is and how jet fighter pilots pass it on within their community. Don’s story is about the first generation of young pilots, fresh out of pilot training, to fly combat in a single seat Mach 2 supersonic fighter aircraft. He was part of that generation of young warriors and develops a superb portrait of pilots in combat with the unblinking authority of one who has been there.


Thunderchief explores the perilous and passionate journey of Ashe Wilcox as he struggles to gain respect as a combat fighter pilot. Ashe’s mentor, Hunter, is an American Indian and tortured survivor of a POW camp who is obsessed by aerial combat and revenge. Their relationship in which Hunter is a reluctant and demanding instructor launches an intricate emotional web that leads Ashe on a dangerous and passionate journey of self-discovery.”

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