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Charles W. Rush

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Colonel Charles W. Rush, USAF (ret.) “spent almost thirty years traveling the world as a US Air Force officer. He retired as a Colonel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he spends his time writing and enjoying The Great Outdoors.” Colonel Charles W. Rush is the author of The Devil’s Chessboard and One Turn of the Cards.


According to the book description of The Devil’s Chessboard, “A killer is loose in Hood’s Texas Brigade. When a sentry from his squad dies, Corporal Whistler Bischof at first suspects the Yankees. When others are murdered, he believes that someone in his own regiment may be responsible. Before he can track down the man, the killer shoots one of Whistler’s friends in the back during a battle. Could the evil presence be in Whistler’s own squad? Whistler meets and falls in love with Sally Langford, a hospital nurse who cares for wounded Texas soldiers. Then the murderer attacks Sally, making it more than personal for Whistler. He discovers that the man wants to kill General Hood, their leader. Can Whistler catch him before he murders again? He has to try, even though he is involved in some of the worst fighting of the Civil War.”


According to the book description of One Turn of the Cards, “Orphaned as an infant, Austin Robinson was adopted by his uncle and given a new start in life in pre-Civil War Texas. After a youth filled with long days of toil in the Texas sun, he is a successful cotton planter. His hard work is sweetened by the joy of a happy marriage and a cherished new son, until a Brazos River flood levels his plantation and kills his family. In a drunken depression, he shoots down an unarmed man. Rescued by his uncle once again, he is bailed out and sent to war to watch over Billy Jones, his uncle’s impetuous son. They join Terry’s Texas Rangers, a Confederate cavalry regiment, where Billy is elected lieutenant. Serving alongside famed leaders Nathan B. Forrest and Joe Wheeler, can Austin keep Billy and himself alive in the losing battle against the threats of disease, starvation, the elements and the overwhelming Union forces?”

The Devil's Chessboard
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One Turn of the Cards
Charles W. Rush  More Info

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