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Carol Umberger

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Carol Umberger served 12 years in the United States Air Force.  She has a BA in Humanities and is the author of Circle of Honor; The Price of Freedom; The Mark of Salvation; and, The Promise of Peace.

According to the book description of The Price of Freedom, “They have been cast together by forces beyond their control. Forces that neither of them are sure they can trust.  Though he is the kingdom's fiercest fighter, the atrocities he's witnessed in Scotland's struggle for independence have shaken his faith. She is a spirited noblewoman who has lost her protector and whose fervent prayers have gone unanswered, yet who cannot ignore the warrior in her way. Is he God's provision for her or another test to endure? As their country prepares for its ultimate battle, the countess and the war-scarred knight forge a common ground, and hope stirs within them both. He will find healing for his wounded faith. She will discover that God's mysterious ways can be trusted. And together they will learn that some things in life require a price worth paying.”


According to the book description of Circle of Honor, “It is fourteenth-century Scotland, and Gwenyth Comyn has a choice to make: Does she falsely accuse her sworn enemy, Adam Mackintosh, of assaulting her, or does she tell the truth and remain in captivity to her actual attacker? Though telling the truth would ensure bondage for herself, accusing Adam would unjustly dishonor him–and likely secure his death. Gwenyth’s decision is complicated by her strong feelings of attraction toward the kindhearted and chivalrous Adam.


Circle of Honor takes you back to the time of Scotland’s war for independence from England. When Robert the Bruce destroyed her family and her home. Gwenyth fled for her life, only to be captured and stripped of her titles and lands. Then a brutal assault by her captor leaves her wondering, Where was God when she needed Him? Does He care about her and her problems? As she struggles to hold on to her faith in God, Gwenyth must confront the battle between her desire for revenge and her growing love for Adam. Her fate, and Adam’s rest in the choice set before her.”


According to the book description of The Mark of Salvation, “Yesterday she was an English earl’s wife, eagerly anticipating a glorious victory over the upstart Scots and a new home on a Scottish estate. Today she’s a widow, hostage of the Scottish king, watched over by the most unusual and reluctant of guardians. For years he was a warrior monk who fought for his beloved church. Today he’s simply a weary warrior with a haunted past and a price on his head. And he has no clue how to care for the group of female hostages entrusted to him after battle—especially the sad-eyed widow with the golden braid.


Thrown together after a cataclysmic battle, the two of them weave an unlikely friendship and an even unlikelier love. She returns to England to protect a family inheritance. He stays to wrestle the demons of his past. But when danger looms, he’ll have to face his deepest fears to come to her aid. Even more difficulties living with the hope she has sparked in him after a lifetime of bitterness. After years of failure and faithlessness. . . could he still bear The Mark of Salvation?”

The Price of Freedom (The Scottish Crown Series, Book 2)
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The Mark of Salvation (The Scottish Crown Series, Book 3)
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Circle of Honor (The Scottish Crown Series, Book 1)
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The Promise of Peace (The Scottish Crown Series, Book 4)
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One reader of The Promise of Peace said, “Carol Umberger completes her four book Scottish Crown Series in a magnificent display of passion, courage, love, and the cost brave men pay for freedom. Umberger weaves a page-turner in this Scottish tale. I enjoyed the history spun through the well-developed characters and suspenseful plot.”

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