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Carl A. Group

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Lieutenant Colonel Carl A. Group, USAF (ret.) “enlisted in the Army Air Forces in 1943. After many months of cadet training, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant, and was assigned to a B-24 crew as a navigator. He was nineteen. In 1945 he was released from active duty.  The military life appealed to him, and after graduating from the University of Missouri on the GI Bill, he joined an Air Force Reserve Wing in Cleveland, Ohio. The wing was activated to the Federal Service in 1950, and Mr. Group's military career was firmly established.


In 1973, after many worldwide assignments, a marriage and four children, he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. His service in the Vietnam Conflict resulted in his being awarded the Bronze Star and the Air Medal, among many other decorations.” Lieutenant Colonel Carl A. Group is the author of Been There, Done That: An American Story.

Been There-Done That
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According to the book description of Been There, Done That: An American Story, “This book establishes beyond any doubt that Conservatism is- in fact- mean spirited; that it caters to a moneyed elite at the expense of a large middle class and even larger mass of people living close to poverty. It demonstrates that progressive moderates and liberals are those who unmask the social and economic right wingers, the intolerant "religious right," and all those who try to impose their philosophy of greed on everyone else.”

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