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Bob Doerr

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Bob Doerr grew up in a military family, graduated from the Air Force Academy, and then had a twenty eight year career of his own in the Air Force.  It was a life style that exposed him to the people and cultures of numerous countries in Asia, Europe and to most of these United States.  Bob specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism. His field of work brought him into close contact and coordination with the investigative and security agencies of many different countries and with the FBI and CIA.  This background has helped Bob develop the fictional plots and characters in his books.  His education credits include a Masters in International Relations from Creighton University. 

Bob is now a full time author, with four mystery/thrillers already published and a fifth to be released in the fall, 2012.  Two of his books, Cold Winter’s Kill and Loose Ends Kill, were selected as finalists for the Eric Hoffer Award.  Loose Ends Kill was also awarded the 2011 Silver medal for Fiction/mystery by the Military Writers Society of America.  He lives in Garden Ridge, Texas, with Leigh, his wife of 39 years.

Bob Doerr is the author of Loose Ends Kill, Dead Men Can Kill, Cold Winter’s Kill, Another Colorado Kill, No One else to Kill, Caffeine Can Kill and The Group.

According to the book description of Loose Ends Kill, it “is a fast paced mystery/thriller that takes place in the historic city of San Antonio, Texas, and throws Jim West into the middle of a police investigation of the murder of an old friend's wife. The police already believe they have the killer - West's friend. In this new novel, Jim West comes to the rescue of an old friend suspected of killing his own wife. West rolls up his sleeves and begins to dig deep-perhaps too deeply-as someone begins to follow and target him.

It's not long before West discovers that he didn't know his friend's wife as well as he thought. Everyone but West and his friend knew that she had many affairs. Any of her lovers could have had a motive to kill her. As he investigates one lover after the other, West ignites an outbreak of more deaths and mayhem. The killer wants him dead. His friend's lawyer wants him to go back home, and the police threaten to arrest him. Feeling the pressure to solve the murder quickly West sets a trap for the killer-using himself as bait. However, he soon learns he may have only outsmarted himself.”

According to the book description of Dead Men Can Kill, “When Jim West, a former Air Force Special Agent with the office of Special Investigations, moves back to New Mexico his goal is simple: start an easy- going second career as a part time professional lecturer on investigative techniques to colleges and civic organizations. He never envisioned that a practical demonstration of forensic hypnosis with a state university student would stir up memories of an 18-year old murder. When the student is murdered three days later, West finds himself ensnared in a web of intrigue that pits him and the small town's authorities against a ruthless, psychotic killer.

An aggressive reporter for the town's newspaper seeks out West to help her with the story, but after the murder of one of her co-workers her efforts quickly align with West and the Sheriff. As West works closely with the reporter, he wonders if this could be the first real relationship for him since his devastating divorce a few years earlier. The killer, though, has other plans for her as he believes she has become a threat to his anonymity. The story twists and turns, leading up to dramatic confrontation.”

According to the book description of Cold Winter’s Kill, “It was one of those phone calls Air Force Special Agent Jim West never wanted to receive--an old friend calling to ask if he could drive down to Ruidoso, New Mexico to help locate his daughter who has disappeared while on a ski trip with friends. Jim found himself heading to Ruidoso even though he believed, much like the local authorities, that if she had gone missing in the mountains in December, her survival chances were slim. He didn't want to be there when they found her, but still he drove on.

Once in Ruidoso, Jim discovers a sinister coincidence that changes everything. It appears that someone is abducting and killing one young blond every year around Christmas. The race is on--can Jim locate his friend's daughter in time? But why is this happening and who's doing it?  Jim can't wait for the local authorities to raise the priority of their search, or for the pending blizzard to pass. In his haste he puts himself in the killer's sights. Will he, too, suffer from a cold winter's kill?”

According to the book description of No One Else to Kill, "Jim West travels to a small, remote hunting lodge in the Pecos Wilderness area in New Mexico to rendezvous with an old friend and do some hiking. His friend stands him up, and Jim is about to return home when a murder occurs in the lodge. Law enforcement jumps in, and Jim's early departure plans are scrubbed. When a second murder occurs less than twenty four hours later, things really start to get dicey. Both crimes were intricately planned to mislead the authorities, no one appears to have a motive for the killings, and everyone has an alibi. Up against a wall with time running out, the deputy-in-charge asks West to be their man on the inside, but West is adamant that this is not his case to solve. Since his retirement from the Air Force, however, Fate has had her own plans for West. Why should this be any different?

"In the world of mysteries, Doerr's protagonist stands out as a unique foil, a man with the skills and knowledge to solve a murder, but a burning desire to keep a low profile and avoid attention. Jim West is perfectly flawed, reluctant, and extremely likeable. An edge-of-your-seat whodunnit, No One Else To Kill is a page turner that will keep readers guessing until the end."

According to the book description of Caffeine Can Kill, "This Jim West mystery/thriller, the sixth in the series, finds Jim traveling to the Texas Hill Country to attend the grand opening of a friend’s winery and vineyard. Upon arriving in Fredericksburg, Jim witnesses a brutal kidnapping at a local coffee shop. The next morning while driving down an unpaved country road to the grand opening, he comes across an active crime scene barely a quarter mile from his friend’s winery. A Fredericksburg policeman who talked to Jim the day before at the kidnapping scene recognizes Jim and asks him to identify the body of a dead young woman as the woman who was kidnapped. Jim does, and as a result of this unwelcome relationship with the police is asked the next morning to identify the body of another murdered person as the man who had kidnapped the young woman. A third murder throws Jim’s vacation into complete disarray and draws Jim and a female friend into the sights of one of the killers."

According to the book description of The Group, "Someone is killing off the world’s rich and famous. The murders are sophisticated, requiring precision and skill, and the killers have a global reach. The international community is in an uproar but surprisingly, can develop no leads in its attempt to develop any information on the assassins. The victims are members of the Bilderberg Group, an international, loose knit group of the uber-rich who meet annually. While the attacks have not had a direct impact on the U.S., Theresa Deer, Director of the Special Section, a small unit whose existence is known by only a handful in the U.S. government, sees this new age League of Assassins as a national threat. She sends her hunters out. Clint Smith finds their trail in Switzerland where his discovery almost results in his own death. The hunt next leads him to Mallorca, Spain, where he witnesses a helicopter attack on a villa where a number of attendees from the Bilderberg conference were holding a smaller, follow-on meeting of their own. Smith picks up the trail a couple weeks later in Las Vegas, NV, and pursues his targets up to Whidbey Island, Washington. In this final stage of the hunt, Smith discovers that he is no longer the hunter,:


According to the book description of Another Colorado Kill, it “is the fourth book in the Jim West mystery/thriller series. In this fast paced story, Jim and friend Edward “Perry” Mason are in route to Colorado Springs to play some golf when they discover a dead body, an apparent murder victim, at a rest stop along the interstate highway. Perry’s stress levels hit the max during the subsequent police interview. He has a heart attack and the golf outing falls apart.

When the police find two more murder victims the next day, both killed with the same weapon that killed the victim whom West had discovered the day before, and the female victim has his name written on a notepad in her purse, their focus on West intensifies. West explains that by chance both the female victim and he had eaten at the same restaurant, but at separate tables, the night before. She had been with two men at the restaurant and had left before he had a chance to talk to her. They had met a few times in the past, but weren’t close. A Sheriff’s deputy, Lieutenant Michelle Prado befriends West, and the two work together in an effort to find the real murderer. As their relationship develops, West finds himself physically attracted to her, but does she feel the same way?

Soon an attempt is made on Jim’s life and he realizes that for some reason the killer, like the police, believes that West knows more about the killings than he has admitted. Jim finds himself playing “cat and mouse” with the killer while trying to convince the police that their focus on him is a waste of time and resources.  When the FBI moves in to help out, the pressure to solve the case mounts. West and Lieutenant Prado discover the local murders may be connected to a larger, nationwide FBI investigation into organized crime and political corruption. West finally has permission to go home to Clovis and is about to leave when the killer shoots Ollie, a young female Deputy whom had become friends with West. The killer leaves her to die on a dirt road. The killer had gone too far. As Michelle leaves with Ollie’s crumpled body in her back seat, West picks up Ollie’s issued 9mm and heads off into the woods to track the killer. The time had come to stop the killings. If he can catch up with the killer, only one of them will return alive.”

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