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Bob Anderson

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Chief Master Sergeant Major Bob Anderson, Ph.D., USAF (ret.), is president and founder of Back to Basics International, a professional speaking and training organization. As an international speaker and trainer, his most requested topics deal with leadership, teamwork, self-improvement and attaining excellence.


With over 30 years of uniformed service to his country, Bob Anderson attained the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in the US Air Force Reserves, and served as the Security Forces Manager for the 732nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, Balad AB, Iraq, where he was awarded the Bronze Star. Bob Anderson holds Ph.D.s in human resource management and safety management, as well as a Masters Degree in police science and a Bachelors Degree in social psychology.


Bob Anderson is the author of Tac Leader: What Honor Requires and Back to Basics: For Finding Sanity in an Insane World!


According to the book description of Back to Basics: For Finding Sanity in an Insane World, “If you were to die today, would you leave knowing you have lived your life to the fullest? It's a fact that balancing the responsibilities of life with the rewards of life is both difficult and challenging. Everyday life has the potential for stress, disappointment and frustration, as well as peace, joy and victory. In our hectic and fast-paced schedules, the negatives can easily overtake us. The world around us can become insane and take us with it- if we allow it. Great news! It is possible to deal with the insanity of the world without becoming insane ourselves.


You can balance the responsibilities of life and have fun doing it. Fun, laughter, joy, adventure, play and magic are absolute necessities to having a successful, fulfilling and memorable life. Strengthening these characteristics in your everyday life can lead to more loving and mutually satisfying relationships. They can help you become more relaxed, playful, productive and efficient? even more desirable by others. This book will help provide a sense of real meaning in your life. Finding that meaning will give you the ability to leave this world knowing you have really lived. The key to doing this is getting "Back to Basics". Back to Basics For Finding Sanity in an Insane World is a dynamic resource for those looking for balance, healthy careers, improved relationships and personal fulfillment. Hold on to your seats! This is a book you won't just read, it's an adventure you will want to live!”

A reader of Tac Leader: What Honor Requires said, “A must read if you enjoy the good guys defeat evil (with a military back ground of honor and service to our country)--Hoo rah! Bob Anderson holds the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force Reserves--Chief Master Sergeant, two Ph D's, and not only looks the part but may have "done the job" at times. He writes so much like one of my favorite authors--James Lee Burke ( 24 novels). Doc and Gonzo in this story remind me of Burkes' --Earl Swagger (Viet Nam Sniper) story. More than ever we need these great American Heroes---A hard to put down book . Jerry Lea Owen (another old Salt).”

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