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Alvin F. Meyer

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Colonel Alvin F. Meyer a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute (Class of 1941) is a civil engineer who spent the bulk of his military career in the United States Air Force.  He is the author of An Autobiography: 1920-2000.


According to the book description, “Alvin F. Meyer has lived life to it's fullest, and now, with an octogenarian's complacency, he walks down memory lane to gather the laurels of success with nostalgic pride. Born into the Weil-Meyer family and heir to wealthy grandparents, Alvin chalked his way through various schools to Virginia Military Institute, hardly affected by the Depression of the 1930's. His career took him places and he found himself tied up with people who left a lasting impression. The foundation of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and the creation of the United States Air Force Biomedical Science Corp earmark his illustrious career. Sprinkled through it are his personal moments with his wives, children and family that cement the loose ends of his life. An interesting and candid autobiography of a well-lived and well-fought life.”

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