military books by servicemembers.


The banner leads to book written by police officers, some of whom served in the military.

United States Air Force

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An Alphabetically listing of United States Air Force personnel whose last name begins with the letter H.

John T. Halliday
Benjamin Donald Halsted
Richard Hamilton
Weldon C. Hamilton
T. Bradley Hamlett
James Robert Haun
Greg Hardin
Howard A. Harper
Cory B. Harris
Francis J. Hart
James J. Hayes
James J. Heaphey
Robert L. Heckler
Raymond C. Heimbuch
John A. Henderson
Don Henry
J. Thomas Hetrick
Ernie W. Hinkle, Jr.
Robert S. Hirsch
Sean P. Hoggs
Jeanne Holm
Charles W. Hostler
Jack C. Hubbard
Rick Hudlow
Dean Hunter
Karin D. Huxman







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