military books by servicemembers.


The banner leads to book written by police officers, some of whom served in the military.

United States Air Force

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An Alphabetically listing of United States Air Force personnel whose last name begins with the letter B.

Ralph K. Baber
Gene Baldwin
Vanessa L. Baldwin
Kathy L. Baumgarten
Frank William Bauers
Paul A. Barber
James Stanley Barlow
Charles C. Bates
Bob Battersby
J. Douglas Beason
R. G. Beavers
Lawrence J. Bellarts
Gary L. Benton
Mark Berent
R.C. Besteder
Pete Bollinger
Carlo Bondoc
Karl Bossi
Glenn G. Boyer
R. Max Bowser
Walter J. Boyne
John H. Briant
Raymond G. Bronk
Andy Brown
Dale Brown
Garnett C. Brown, Jr.
Mary Ellen J. Brown
William J. Buchanan
David M. Burns
Norman Bussel




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