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Allegra Gray

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Allegra Gray USAF “is a former military officer--turned English professor--turned homeland defense analyst.  One thing she has always been, though, is a storyteller.  Allegra wrote her first book at the age of 5. Allegra Gray began her publishing career while teaching in the English department of the U.S. Air Force Academy, but soon discovered that non-fiction, academic work was not enough to satisfy her creative drive.” Allegra Gray is the author of Nothing But Scandal, Nothing But Deception, Entrusted, Nothing but Deception and The Devil's Bargin.

According to the book description of Nothing But Scandal, “When her father dies, leaving her penniless and without prospects, Elizabeth Medford is faced with a horrible future: marriage to the utterly vile Harold Wetherby. Her family thinks he's brilliant choice, but Elizabeth has witnessed Wetherby's cruel nature and knows a life with him would be a miserable one. If only he didn't want to marry her...But for that to be the case, she would have to have a damaged reputation, and despite her father's missteps, Elizabeth's own name is pristine among society. So far...A brilliant plan is hatched: Elizabeth will organise her ruin and escape the betrothal, leaving her old life behind. The only hitch is the man she hopes will do the ruining - irresistible Alex Bainbridge, Duke of Beaufort. But he has secrets of his own that make Elizabeth Medford a woman he should avoid at all costs - for both their sakes. He insists he will have no part in her crazy matter how tempting she may be.”


According to the book description of Nothing But Deception. "Beatrice, Lady Pullingham, knows the type of captivating beauty who inspires great art - or at least, she thinks she does, until Paris' most exciting young painter invites her to pose for him. Incredulous, Bea nonetheless has the sense to accept Philippe's invitation, and in so doing, signs on for lessons in seduction that give her the courage to embark on the adventure of a lifetime...Secrets. Jean-Philippe Durand has had enough of them. First, his mother's deathbed revelation - the one that brought him to England in search of his true father. And now, the secrets kept by the Englishwoman who has become his muse. Philippe wants more than just to paint Beatrice, he wants to show her every pleasure society has denied her - and she's denied herself. But there's something Beatrice isn't telling him, and his art only allows for truth..."

According to the book description of Entrusted, "Orphan Audrey Thorndale longs for the peaceful life of a convent, but with a younger brother to care for and England's religious houses falling one by one to Henry VIII's Reformation, she'll have to find another way to serve God and country. The Abbot of Glastonbury, aware of Audrey's dilemma and loathe to see the great treasures of his abbey looted and destroyed, suggests a plan that could save Audrey, the relics, and even the future of Britain...but if she agrees to it, she'll have to commit treason. Second son and sometime adventurer, Tobias Seybourne has never left an opportunity unexplored. He’s won the favor of the king, and is aiming for knighthood, when Abbot Whiting offers him the chance of a lifetime—partner with Audrey, and protect England’s greatest legend. Most importantly? Do it without ever giving the king a reason to suspect more devious purposes simmer beneath Tobias’s charming façade. With help from the abbot, Audrey and Tobias set in motion a plan to ensure that when the abbey walls crumble, one particular treasure will be safely hidden elsewhere. But as the abbot points out, the king’s minions keep close account of their plunder, and the contents of Glastonbury’s repository are well documented. With the king’s men bearing down fast, someone must take the fall…"

According to the book description of Nothing But Trouble, "Charity Medford is a diamond of the first water, sought after by every gentleman in London—though her increasingly wild behavior has put her reputation in jeopardy. What London's gentlemen don't know is that Charity's frenetic social pace is not designed to win her a husband, but to keep her too busy to dwell on her haunting past. But when one reckless evening lands her in a compromising position with a marriage-minded Scottish earl, Charity is really in trouble...

Graeme Ramsey Maxwell, Earl of Leventhal, senses what few others do: Charity’s need for something solid to hold on to. Graeme decides he’s just the man to offer what this tempestuous English beauty needs—but he has no idea that by hauling her off to his highlands home, he’s inviting a legion of trouble to follow them.

Nothing But Trouble is a full length novel and the third book of the Daring Damsels trilogy, a historical romance series set in the Regency era. It is preceded by Nothing But Scandal and Nothing But Deception. Each book stands alone, but for those who prefer to read in order, you may wish to start with Nothing But Scandal."

According to the book description of The Devil’s Bargain, “The daughter of a lowly merchant, Celia Lyndon has no business falling in love with a nobleman—especially not the very nobleman who has taken her father captive. But when she offers herself up to gain her father's freedom, she learns that some bargains aren't as simple as trading goods and coins. The winter months she must spend at the castle show her that Nicolas of Savoy is far more than a fierce knight. He is a powerful ruler, a fair judge, and, most intriguing, he is lonely. Every day her heart betrays her a bit more—but can Nicolas see past their circumstances and let his feisty prisoner breach the walls that guard his heart?

Nicolas of Savoy has trained for knighthood his entire life—a good thing, because the lands he inherited upon his brother's death are under constant attack. Nicolas usually makes an example of anyone who would do him harm. He has no way to distinguish marauder from merchant—that is, until a brave maiden steps forward to offer herself in place of one of the men lined up for execution. Intrigued by Celia's proposition, he agrees, only to discover his new prisoner is even more dangerous—how can he desire someone so much, when he isn't even certain she can be trusted?”




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