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Ace Abbott

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Ace Abbott  (pen name) was “born and raised on a hardscrabble farm in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate NY. He entered the U.S. Air Force in 1965. He served as an F-4 Phantom pilot in the Far East and returned to the civilian world in 1971. He then flew corporate/charter Learjets until 1979 and after a short stint as a G-159 (turboprop) pilot he transitioned to the Boeing 727 aircraft. He accumulated nearly 11,000 hours as a 727 Captain while visiting 44 countries, until he reached the FAA mandated retirement age (60) in 2002.”  Ace Abbott is the author of The Rogue Aviator: In the Back Alleys of Aviation and Dead Tired: Pilot Fatigue - Aviation's Insidious Killer.

According to the book description, Dead Tired: Pilot Fatigue - Aviation's Insidious Killer Dead Tired “devotes itself to the alarming issue of pilot fatigue, highlighting accidents such as the recent aviation disaster of U.S., Continental 3407. Far too many passengers and pilots have died as a result of airplanes being flown with tired pilots at the controls. Ace Abbott’s first book, The Rogue Aviator: in the back alleys of aviation, delves into this very controversial subject area. His new book, Dead Tired, is totally devoted to the current front-and-center issue of pilot fatigue. Information relating to the most recent aviation disaster in the U.S., Continental Flight 3407 at Buffalo, New York, will be presented, along with explanations of several other aviation accidents that were indirectly caused by tired pilots who made bad decisions.

Tired pilots in the cockpits have often been the precursor to aviation accidents that result in mangled bodies and the destruction of aircraft. The subject of pilot fatigue has been the FAA’s festering sore for nearly fifty years. Dead Tired will pick that festering sore and reveal the malfeasance of the FAA and the aviation community in their “head-in-the-sand” failed response to the problem. This book will also provide insight into the politics that affect the oversight of airline safety. The FAA has a history of being influenced by Washington, DC’s K-Street clan of lobbyists and special interest groups. This theme is brought to light in Ace Abbott’s eye-opening expose’. 

An additional theme presented in Dead Tired is the recent rule changes by the FAA that will greatly enhance aviation safety by providing mandates for the pilots to have a longer rest periods and shorter work days. As the expression goes, “this is all good”—many of the new and improved rules are a result of extensive research relating to sleep deprivation. The new rules, which are presented in Dead Tired, will greatly enhance the safety quotient of all passenger flights flown by U.S. air carriers. Unfortunately the previous statement comes with a glaringly ugly caveat: All cargo airlines and cargo pilots are exempt from the new rule changes, and will remain mired in the muck-and-mire of work periods (duty days or flight duty periods) that are onerous, and create mind-numbing fatigue. The pilot union (IPA) that represents the UPS pilots has filed a lawsuit with the goal of eliminating the exemption from the new rules. Their premise: cargo pilots also require sleep! Ace Abbott experienced far too many twenty-plus hour work days during his aviation career. He is hopeful that Dead Tired will foster a higher-level of awareness and concern about pilot fatigue.”


According to the book description of The Rogue Aviator: In the Back Alleys of Aviation, “Ace Abbott's book, the recently released 3rd edition of The Rogue Aviator, will put you in the cockpit of the F-4 Phantom for exhilarating Mach 2 test flights and pulse-racing, treetop-level formation flights. Ace's Learjet charter stories will take you to five-star hotels and restaurants in Paris, jails in Venezuela, and greasy, noisy, air cargo ramps. The final journey encompasses a 22-year adventure as a Boeing 727 Captain with nearly a dozen different airlines during the unstable years of airline post-deregulation (1978 to present).

The primary theme of this book centers on a memoir of the tumultuous aviation career of a fun-loving, free-spirited, adventuresome pilot. A secondary theme involves a plethora of unique and improbable aviation anecdotes that will leave the reader slack-jawed in amazement. One additional theme sheds light on the darker side of commercial aviation, fatigue in the cockpit. The narrative relates numerous incidents and includes discussions of the current front-and-center safety issue regarding pilot fatigue. The reader will also be exposed to the many hardships associated with the trials and the tribulations of a professional pilot.

Ace takes the reader along to many rarely explored avenues of aviation as he visits 44 countries during his 36-year career as a pilot. The variety of venues includes: the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, with hundreds of flights to Central and South America. Ace's passengers included iconic celebrities such as golfer Jack Nicklaus, astronaut John Glenn, daredevil Evil Knievel, along with entertainers Jimmy Buffett, Helen Reddy, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Ace's airplane adventures will often leave the reader in amazement and disbelief. Smuggling Bob Marley out of Kingston, Jamaica, and Ace's introduction to the Rastafarian culture are amongst the many challenging scenarios in the Ace Abbott saga

This insider's perspective of a professional pilot's exposure to the "back alleys" of commercial aviation will reveal a roller-coaster-like ride that is both entertaining and informative. Ace's unstable career results in numerous oscillations between the aviation penthouse and the aviation outhouse. The myth of under-worked and over-paid pilots will be debunked.  Spiced with humor, The Rogue Aviator is complemented with occasional sketches of pathos and poignancy. Captain Abbott's story also contains a smattering of decadence and debauchery.  Finally, The Rogue Aviator takes an insider's look at commercial aviation and the FAA. With today's focus on aviation safety and the role of the FAA to insure our safety in the air, the author addresses his thoughts on these vital areas. Fasten your seat belt and hang on!”

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